Seekahost Review: The Best PBN Hosting 2019

If you want a reliable and affordable PBN hosting then follow up this article to the end. We are going to learn about PBN hosting incomplete. Here we are with a complete SeekaHost review in 2019.

SeekaHost Review

What Is PBN?

PBN is a Personal Blog Network that forms a group of many websites. PBN is used as a strategy in SEO for ranking our primary or main website. the website which we are trying to rank in the google search engine.

PBN is a great strategy for forming a group of websites that have your main website link on them. The PBN sites are of high authorities that makes Google’s algorithm to see your target website as high authority.

It is a great SEO technique to rank your website very quickly and effectively. The backlinks you get from these PBN sites help you to get good link juice. The PBN sites are expired domain names that were left for deletion.

So SEO experts and webmasters find this type of domains and they use it to get backlinks from it. however, for this PBN domain, you need a reliable and good web hosting. so it becomes very costly for hosting multiple domains. The hosting cost increases, so we have brought a powerful and reliable PBN Hosting-SeekaHost.

SeekaHost Review

SeekaHost is the top best PBN hosting company. They provide several IPs to host PBN sites. Google is not in favor of applying the PBN strategy. So to leave no trace behind, SeekaHost provides multiple IPs to keep your blog safe from troubles.

SeekaHost PBN Hosting allows SEO experts to implement this strategy very effectively and securely. They provide great support to all their customers all over the world. Any PBN domains can be hosted from any part of the world.

In SeekaHost you get different DNS and IPs for each domain. So the uniqueness can be maintained. They also provide free SSL certificates for HTTPS domain names. So that the website seems secure to the google search engine.

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SeekaHost Features

1-Click Wordpress Installation

SeekaHost offers complete support to the system. So they offer a 1-click install button. When you clicked the button then will start getting installed in the Cpanel.

Individual Cpanel Account

In SeekaHost you get a separate Cpanel for each domain name. so you can manage each domain with the Cpanel and customize each domain differently or same. The management procedure is very simple because of the easy to use interface.

Guaranteed Uptime

The first thing you look at in web hosting is the uptime. The uptime is the deciding factor for web hosting. SeekaHost guarantees an excellence uptime in all locations. The uptime factor is the most important in SEO. So to get a good ranking from google search engine then you need a better uptime.

Best Security

SeekaHost offers a complete security solution for PBN sites. They regularly scan for malicious activity and also protect again DDOS attack. So the website content can be kept secured. The security is the major concern for the privacy of the data and SeekaHost is providing it.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is used to gain users’ trust on the website. SSL certificate can be expensive when bought from any registrar but on SeekaHost you get it for free. You get an SSL certificate for every domain name. so that Google can see it as the authority site.

24/7 Customer Support

SeekaHost has an experienced support team that helps you in any kind of problem-related web hosting. the support is not limited to only web hosting, they also provide a solution for other issues. so you can work freely without any kind of problem. The support service is available In all locations and it is available 24/7.

Multiple IPs

SeekaHost provides unique IPs for every domain. These IPs can be from any location in the world which ensures the security of the websites. These IPs are hard to trace and it cannot be restricted by google search engine. The chances are of zero for getting traced.

Affordable PBN Hosting

Hosting a PBN site is very costly when you use regular web hosting. because you don’t want to grow it. we only need links from these websites. So there is no benefit in investing it on expensive servers.

So, here comes SeekaHost to save you. They have the best PBN hosting solution. The basic PBN Hosting allows you to have 5 IPs and host about 5 domains in a single hosting plan. The number of available IPs is increased with the advanced PBN hosting plan.

The cost of basic PBN hosting is very affordable which you can get in 1.1$/month.  So you can form your own PBN sites and get high link juice to your target website.

Pros & Cons Of Using SeekaHost


SeekaHost is the #1 PBN hosting provider in the market. they provide unique IPs for every domain name. so that Google doesn’t find it spammy and banned it. the best thing is that it is very cost-effective. You only have to less than a dollar and can easily host around 2000 domains with individual Cpanel.


Page load speed can be less as compared to another web hosting. which is may not a prime concern in the case of PBN hosting. but can matter in SEO views.


We have seen a complete review of SeekaHost PBN hosting. we got to know that they provide a secure and low-cost PBN hosting in 2019. If you are an SEO expert and planning to implement for your website. then you will need a secure PBN hosting that leaves no trace behind for google to know it.

SeekaHost guarantees 99.99% uptime that is of great concern to google’s search algorithm. So with the best uptime google interpret it as the authority website and websites linked to It too. There is no hidden cost behind the hosting service. You get what you promise on the website.